Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Born August 19, 1946? Me too

August 19, 2009

On Aug. 19, 1946 I (Hank Nuwer) turn 63, as does William Jefferson Clinton and NASA administrator Charles Frank "Charlie" Bolden, Jr. Swiss conductor Beat Raaflaub; 1968 Boston Marathon winner Ambrose (Amby) Joel Burfoot; Green Bay Packer lineman Freddy Carr; Azymuth bass player Alex Malheiros (born Niteroi, Brazil); Cincinnati Bengals center Bob Johnson (his #54 was only one retired); and Boston Bruins left wing Rod Graham (1974-1975).

--Then there’s cinematographer Randall Robinson who survived that infamous helicopter crash on set for director John Landis.
--There’s the noted Bulgarian graphic artist Ivan Ninov.
--There’s the great Tennessee State long jumper Martha Watson. She also represented USA in the 1972 Olympics in the 400 m relay.
--There’s a New York City fire captain named John Michael Kostynick.
-- Dead is the late TV network exec and producer (Top Gun, Fatal Attraction) Dawn Steel (born Dawn Spielberg, died of cancer 1997).
-- There’s the late Coach Dennis Garth Stone, a high school coach in Kansas for 33 years for the Goodland Cowboys. New York Giant Mike Friede played linebacker for him. He passed away January 9, 2008.
--There’s the late outdoorsman Stanley Grell who operated Artic Char Lodge, northernmost hunting lodge in the Arctic.
--Armando Albarran was a respected pilot with the 173rd Airborne.
--The late Eugene "Blair" Conrad Jr., was the city of Dayton's director of aviation.
--There’s the renowned pianist and composer Frédéric Meinders from the Hague, Holland.
--John Anthony is the son of child star Jackie Cooper.
--And let us not forget Australia cricket star Daniel McEvoy.
--I’m sure your remember Luis Barrancos Alvarez, soccer referee in Spain during the 1982 FIFA World Cup.
--If you live in Austria you were familiar with the name of Hans Maximillion Ferlitsch, Municipality Association President and Mayor of St. Stefan, Austria (1993-2003)

And though he's too young to make the list, Happy Birthday, Werty